About Bond Fleet

Bond Fleet is South Africa’s only real time dedicated Fleet Manager assisting small medium, commercial and mid corporate businesses EFFECTIVELY manage their Fleet on a full spectrum basis. We are the only Fleet Management Company in South Africa that can adapt to your existing and ever changing Fleet needs. Our world class web based systems ensure that we remain at the forefront of your immediate need and future demand!
As a dedicated Fleet Manager Bond Fleet has mastered the art of managing the 50 plus and ever
growing complex Fleet Needs of a business and brings this expertise to you at an affordable price with proven cost savings to you as a Fleet Owner!
To this end Bond Fleet offers you the following – all bespoke to your exact needs – :
  1. Bond Fleet offer a Dedicated cost effective Fleet Management platform to all Fleet owners!
  2. Bond Fleet offer an affordable and dedicated Fleet Management Backbone to all existing and aspiring Car Rental and or Fleet Management Company’s!
  3. Our world class web based Assure* platform ensures we can manage your fleet long before having to offer the services of growth and expansion finance! We can assist your company IMMEDIATELY!
  4. Bond Fleet have the capability to expertly assist Transporters manage their logistics, routes and contracts in a manner that improves your bottom line and returns!
  5. Bond Insure ensures that your Fleet and company insurance/assurance needs are taken care of at the best possible rates possible!
  6. Bond Fleet’s buying power is on offer throughout the Procurement chain! Be amazed at the savings we can offer on almost anything!
  7. Bond Fleet offer unique Staff Car Scheme’s to Fleet owners ensuring staff never have to leave the comfort of their desks!
  8. Bond Fleet have a Consumer Offering too and are able to finance, secure and dispose of vehicles and offer affordable cost effective value added products!

Reasons to deal with Bond Fleet:

  1. > 60 year experience in the motor and financial services industries servicing these industries with distinction.
  2. A Partner mindset in how Bond Fleet approaches its customers.
  3. Old style face to face business relationship service offering and ethic.
  4. A truly World class Fleet Management Platform ensures the best is on offer for your vehicle or fleet.
  5. Bond Fleet is able to style its value proposition around your needs without being hampered by old bank style legacy platforms. This makes our speed to market new and refreshing!
  6. Unlike the industry in general – deposits are not required – however this is dependent on your creditworthiness and strength of your current and future cash flow. The established credit line with your company would also be subject to credits terms and conditions as deemed necessary from time to time.
  7. Bond Fleet are self funded which eases the need for other expensive banking credit lines.
  8. More importantly OUR WORD IS OUR BOND!

Meet the team

Dave Dantu

Dave Dantu

Managing Director


Dave is an experienced entrepreneur and chief executive officer with a demonstrated and successful 39 year history of working in the corporate, commercial and retail vehicle, asset and fleet finance sectors as well as in manufacture and production in the textile and branding industries. Dave served with distinction on the executive committees of WesBank, FNB Retail and Standard Bank from the mid 1990’s to 2012. An entrepreneur and business leader with demonstrated skills in strategic leadership, business creation, development and establishment, business building and rescue, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing management, product and system process development, financial management and production and manufacture management. Strong professional with an Executive Development Program from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Newport University in California.

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